I Spy With my little Eye — Something Blue

"Go Mama" on its pedestal in front of Hotel California

“Go Mama” on its pedestal in front of Hotel California

Strolling down California Avenue, a family stops at the corner to look back. A young boy spies the blue eyes of Go Mama, and exchanges looks with the sculpture.  Few children can resist  Marta Thoma ’s surreal bronze and resin form, which stands on the corner below the Hotel California. (click the image to enlarge the view to full screen.)

Inscribed around the base is this enigmatic poem by Mary Lee McNeal:

Go, Mama!


¡Andale, Mamá!

Mi cuento está saltando en tu corazón

The lines circle the base, but could be written (in English):

Go, Mama!

My lost story

Our lost story

Her lost story

Hurry, Mamá!

My story is leaping in your heart

Here is a gallery of other photos of Go Mama:

Cheers, Carto

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