Ascend — To the heights in San Diego



A glimpse at the new show on Navajo Weaving and the Mingei in Balboa Park, 2017

We didn’t climb this ladder, but really enjoyed the highlights of San Diego during our two-week stay. Thanks to everyone to helped us enjoy our stay. We only got a glimpse of the Navajo Weaving exhibit, but it looks to be a stunner.


Palm trees make me think of San Diego, Old Town, 2017

Not many palm trees in Montana, where I grew up, but they are everywhere in San Diego — this one was outside our window at the Courtyard Old Town. We didn’t climb this tree, but enjoyed looking at it.


Leaving San Diego, headed for San Francisco, American Airlines, 2017

Looking down from the airplane as ascend and gain altitude after take off. The weather was warm and the beaches inviting. We had a great visit.

Cheers, Carto

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