Street: Alma, The Great Divide

Rrrun, Bowden Park, Alma St and California, Palo Alto.

Rrrun, Bowden Park, Alma St and California, Palo Alto.

The photo above was shot looking West toward the Caltrain station and North California Ave. The intersection of California and Alma was closed 40 or so years ago. The good reasons for the closure I have forgotten, but the unintended consequence was that the town was divided into two parts: North of Alma and South. City planners often make mistakes like that.

Fortunately, there is now a tunnel under Alma and the RR tracks so that bikes and walkers can get to the businesses on North California. The tunnel is very busy on Sunday when a farmer’s market comes to the North California Ave.

Rrrun, Marta Thoma, Bowden Park, 2006

Rrrun, Marta Thoma, Bowden Park, 2006

The sculpture Rrrun by Marta Thoma is more controversial than either the street or the tunnel. Some people are turned off by the bare butt, others by the morph of car and human, and others just don’t like public art. Include me among those that like the sculpture and public art.

The top photo was taken with an iPhone6, cropped a little to make it seem wider and brightened with the Chrome adjustment in the iPhone edit app. The lower photo was taken with an iPhone4.

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    • This town seems to have art experts in every home and public art always seems to get someone going: the bare butt is a problem for some, the auto/human morph is a problem for others, etc. Thanks for the comment on the photo, something for me to think about.

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