Vibrant — Vinyl in Silicon Valley


Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young), 2nd Floor Elevator, San Jose Museum of Art

This vibrant vinyl wall covering surrounds the second floor elevator door at the San Jose Museum of Art. The work was by David Burns and Austin Young of the Fallen Fruit Cooperative. It was created for a multi-year exhibition called Around The Table: Food, Creativity, Community.

This is not the first time the museum has surrounded its elevator door with vibrant art:



Scaffolding + Sky, Benicia Gartner, 2010. Installation, San Jose Museum of Art

In true Silicon Valley style, Benicia Gartner, Artist‘s work is partly computer generated.

The Around the Table exhibition is about food:

You are what you eat. This exhibition—the catalyst for an accompanying festival of activities presented by thirty partnering organizations—celebrates and explores the role that food plays in our lives. The agricultural bounty of our region has brought waves of immigration (Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Mexican, Vietnamese) and shaped a rich history of cultural diversity, which today we share in part via food. From food trucks to molecular gastronomy, food helps define the Bay Area’s communities.
— SJMA, Around the Table, 2013-2014


Fallen Fruit Art Cooperative is an art collaboration based in Los Angeles:

 Fallen Fruit began by mapping fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles. The collaboration has expanded to include serialized public projects and site-specific installations and happenings in various cities around the world. By always working with fruit as a material or media, the catalogue of projects and works reimagine public interactions with the margins of urban space, systems of community and narrative real-time experience.

— Fallen Fruit, David Burns,  and Austin Young, 2013

May your ‘fallen fruit’ be vibrant:


Everyone’s A Georgia Peach, Atlanta Wallpaper, 2013, David Burns and Austin Young.

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