Unusual—Red Shoes at the Cantor


Photographer and Tourist in Cub’s Hat and Red Shoes, Cantor Art Center, Stanford, 2017

Upstairs, in the Modern Art gallery, it was a Black & White show. Interesting works, but not what I wanted to photograph. Then I noticed a photographer in a blue shirt framed by the art. As I took the shot a tourist in red shoes entered the frame, which gave me a more interesting shot.

For this week’s photo challenge, I converted the photo to B/W using the Selective Coloring Effect in Photoshop CC. It’s a simple process:

  1. Select photo in Lightroom
  2. Edit photo in Photoshop
  3. Make a selection of the photographer and the tourist
  4. Create a B/W adjustment layer masked by the selection.
  5. Save the image, and close Photoshop
  6. Open the new image in Lightroom and output as jpg.

This was a fun challenge… Below is the original color image, which I published on my Instagram feed. I think I like the processed image a little better.


Cheers, Carto

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