Porsche Electric Car, 1898 Edition

Porche, model P1, Electric Vehicle, 1898

Porsche, model P1, Electric Vehicle, 1898

Not a wagon, but an electric car with a 50 mile range and a top speed of over 20 mph. This is the Porsche model P1, one of four built in 1898, by Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche car company. The car was discovered in an Austrian warehouse where it had been stored since 1902. It sat there untouched through two world wars and is now headed for the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

Fully loaded and ready to drive, the car weighed just under 3,000 pounds (much of that weight was due to the 1,100 pounds of lead-acid batteries). The car was race-tested in 1899 when it finished a 40km race.
Wired Autopia, 1/28/2014