Focus — Summer of Love, Psychedelic Art, and Rock & Roll


Acid Test Graduation (photo), Summer of Love, De Young Museum, 2017

Merry Prankster’s bus was a symbol of the late 60s LSD scene in San Francisco. When I moved to the Bay Area, the bus was parked at the Kesey cabin on La Honda Road. A live video of the “graduation” is here.

During late spring and summer of 1967, thousands of young hippies descended on San Francisco in search of life experiences: sex, drugs and music. The hippies are long gone from the city, but this summer the city returns its focus to the clothing, art and music of 1967. Psychedelic art and artifacts will be on exhibition at the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and concerts by Big Brother and the Holding Company (revival band) will be featured in the park and at venues throughout the city.

A fog of nostalgia hangs over the city. Here are some color photos taken in the De Young exhibition. Enjoy.


Cheers, Carto

What is the focus of this weekly photo challenge? Focus, naturally; check it out here.

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