Afloat at Pillar Point Harbor

Genesis, Pillar Point Harbor, California, USA

Genesis, Pillar Point Harbor, California, USA

Genesis rests in her slip on a sunny day in spring — Pillar Point Harbor, California, USA.

From the Pillar Point Harbor web site:

Pillar Point is unique because it provides search and rescue services to all boaters. Over the past two decades, its dedicated crew performed an average of 110 rescues annually, saved more than 100 lives, and millions of dollars in boats and equipment.

It’s also a great place for Fish and Chips.


In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat .

3 thoughts on “Afloat at Pillar Point Harbor

  1. I like the name of the ‘boat’ genesis… a source or specific place where everything begins, at least for boaters in this context of expression… cheers from Ireland


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