Narrow — Golden Gate, San Francisco’s Treasure

The cruise ship sailed through the narrow entrance to San Francisco Bay on the early morning tide to it’s mooring at the new Cruise Terminal at pier 27.

GoldenGate-SF (2 of 2)

Cruise Ship leaves Golden Gate behind as it heads for dock in San Francisco, 2016

The top deck was nearly empty as the cruise ship passed under Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, my sister was awake and on deck. She took these photos on her iPhone, which I am happy to share.

Here is the first shot she took. Fort Point is under the bridge and Land’s End is visible on the right.

GoldenGate-SF (1 of 2)

Lands End is visible in the early morning light, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

But, look at this, an ariel view of Golden Gate and The City taken by Carol M Highsmith for the Library of Congress. Beautiful!

LOC-Highsmith-GG-FtPoint-13594v web

Ariel view of San Francisco by Carol Highsmith, Library of Congress, USA

Bon voyage, travelers everywhere, but remember to get up early when you arrive in port.


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    • A Gremlin ate my first line: “Cruise ship sails through the narrow entrance to San Francisco Bay” … Thanks for the point-out, Tina.


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