Writing101, Day 5 — A Letter in the Driveway

Mystery: The Letter J and Two Painted Boxes

Mystery: The Letter J and Two Painted Boxes

Standing on the porch I can see clearly all the way to the street. No one is in sight. There is a letter in the driveway that wasn’t there 10 minutes earlier when I parked my car. The letter does not appear to have ben dropped. Rather, it is has been placed carefully, propped against two small decorated boxes.

The letter is J; it is painted with primitive symbols: Flying bird, House with red tile roof, Four petalled flower, and a mysterious blue animal that appears to be wearing a saddle. What do these symbols mean? What is the message? Is it a warning?

I must know the meaning of this singular J— forgetting all caution, I run toward the street … No one is in sight, the street is empty.

Not knowing what to do, I decide to pick up the J and the boxes. I will go inside and wait …

For more on the letter j tune in to the Sesame Workshop on Youtube.


2 thoughts on “Writing101, Day 5 — A Letter in the Driveway

  1. Clever and I’m glad someone took this route. Writing about a letter of the alphabet was actually the first thing that popped into my head. I just couldn’t think of a creative way to pull it off and thought I’d look stupid trying to. You did it (and without looking stupid)! 🙂


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