Writing101, Day-4 — A New Car (Part 1)

A new Tesla Model S — Waiting to be unwrapped

A new Tesla Model S — Waiting to be unwrapped

In Spring I burn with desire for a new car and begin to read car magazines like Motor Trend and Car And Driver. I also register for emails from car manufacturers. This year I have that itch more than ever.

I was reminded of my weakness as I walked the neighborhood this morning thinking about the day’s task on Writing 101. I walked by a familiar house on my route, and I noticed that their Mercedes was missing. In its place was a “package” in a grey custom-made car cover. A closer look revealed a new Tesla Model S plug-in electric. The car wasn’t plugged in, and, in fact, there didn’t seem to be a charging station anywhere near. Maybe the owner plans to “borrow” electricity.

Oh well, the Tesla is out of my price range anyway.

Emails for 2014 models, including the Tesla Model S, start arriving in March and April, and the volume picks up during May. The crescendo of email reaches a peak along about Memorial Day — the holiday where we Americans are supposed to head for the showrooms to take advantage of Spring sales. I file most of these sales pitches in the trash, but some of them are hard for me to delete. These ads seem directed to me personally. They are probing and focused:

Dear Mr. Carto, you are surely interested in this years new model, aren’t you? Did I mention that it’s ALL NEW?
Sincerely, …

OK, so here’s the deal: should I scratch the itch this year and buy a new car? If so, what kind of new car suits a blogger approaching 80 faster than an all-electric Tesla approaches a stationary Stop Sign?

Something to think about for Part 2, the next assignment (I guess).


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