Rainy Day In New Hampshire

Late afternoon on Meeting House Pond

Today is rainy in New Hampshire – what better to do than visit an art gallery and a bookstore. We can enjoy the fall color along the way.


Sharon Art Center is in the town of Peterborough, just a few miles from where we are staying. Among the many hand-crafted art pieces we found three hand painted silk hangings by Christine Destrempes.

These monotypes are approximately three feet wide by eight feet tall. The three hangings could form a diaphanous room separator, cost about $5,000. Beautiful work.


The Toadstool Bookstore is across the street, new and used books and a café. We found two used children’s books for $2.50 each.

Children’s books always offer good advice: “never put a frog in the kitchen sink” (or in your daddy’s shoe), “wake up Clifford it’s a brand new day.”

Tomorrow will be a brand new day in. New Hampshire.