Pedestrian — A walk in the baylands


Sailboat on Shoreline Lake, Mountain View, October 2017

It was mid-afternoon and unseasonably warm for October when I started my walk near the Bay Trail pump house that drains water from the Casey Forebay.  I photographed a walker struggling with her dog, a pedestrian aided by an electric scooter, and several other walkers before I stopped to take a snapshot of a sail boat on Shoreline Lake across the trail from the forebay. All in all, it was a pedestrian day, with photos to match.

The photos were imported into Adobe Lightroom and cropped square placing the pedestrian in the middle third of the frame. One photo was toned in the basic panel, and the rest synced to those settings. Then, all photos were converted to black and white in NIC’s Silver Effects Pro using a common preset. With automation, processing took only an hour.

Cheers, Chuck

Bloggers from around the world submitted photos for this Challenge; the photos are on display here.

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