The Road Taken — San Diego and Points West


Winter Skiing, San Diego, 1954

An aircraft carrier and North Island provide the backdrop for this water skier on San Diego Bay. The skier is enjoying a warm Sunday in January, and so was I. Sunday was a day-off at the Naval Training Center where I was a recruit.


White Hats gather on Sunday at the Geedunk, 1954, San Diego NRTC

Just before Christmas, I left Red Lodge, Montana where it was still winter.


Mount Maurice stands above the road to Red Lodge, Montana, 1953.

Here is a photo of a house I lived in during my high school years.


Red Lodge in the 50s.

To my great surprise, when I completed basic training in San Diego I was sent to Electronics Training at Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. Sunday was free, so I often took the train across the Bay to the city.

1954 Sky Line, Bay Bridge to Treasure Island

San Francisco Bay Bridge and Financial District, 1954

From electronics school, I was sent to Los Angeles to board the heavy cruiser USS Rochester, and soon was on my way West across the Pacific Ocean.


USS Rochester on duty in Taiwan, 1955

After my tour in the navy, I went back to Montana for college. After graduation I worked as an engineer in Seattle and then moved to Palo Alto.

Where did your road take you?


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A note on the photos: all (except the little house in Red Lodge) were taken with an Argus C3, scanned to digital, and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC.

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