Magic — Art, Butterflies and Photography


Composite Photo: ¡Cesen Deportacion! Rupert Garcia, 1973 with Photo Effects by Carto

Magic, I needed a photo with some magic. This composite is the best I can come up with. I double exposed two iPhone photos from the new art exhibition at the Palo Alto Art Center:  The Butterfly Effect: Art in 1970s California. Come to think of it, butterflies are magical creatures that lead two lives, and the, so called, butterfly effect sometimes is used to describe effects that in previous centuries were considered magical. Ok, so it’s still a magical world.

Remember that the 70s were a time of discontent, much like today, and the art reflected the times. The works in the show are:

“Drawn from art movements that preoccupied Bay Area artists during this pivotal era, the styles seen in this exhibition include Feminism, Pattern & Design, Kinetic Art, Photorealism, Spiritualism, Protest, Light and Space, the Paper Renaissance, and Color Theory.  Painting, photography, sculpture, video, collage, assemblage, and printmaking are represented in a variety of ways that demonstrate visual manifestations of a metaphorical butterfly in flight.”
Palo Alto Art Center, 2016

Here is a gallery of photos taken at the show.

Cheers, Carto

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