Seasons  — Camellia, Calla Lilies and Oranges

First Light, the Season is Changing, 2016 (iPhone, PS)

First Light, the Season is Changing, 2016 (iPhone, PS)

Spring is still a few weeks away, but the Camellia is in full bloom, and so are the Calla lilies. The oranges are ripe and ready to eat, and the Gingko is just starting to bud out.


Oranges, Camellias and Calla Lilies, Feb. 2016

Hang in there, you who live away from the Pacific coast, the Season is changing.


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2 thoughts on “Seasons  — Camellia, Calla Lilies and Oranges

  1. Gorgeous! We’re in Central Texas, so not too far behind you, but all our fruit trees are still babies, and so…. no fruit this year. But your garden gives us something to look forward to!

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