Spring Color: Blue, Pink and Green


Look Up: Fruit Trees are in Bloom.

Blue sky and warm weather describes the day in Palo Alto. It’s a great day for a walk.

What is this pink flowering tree?

Look Down: Cactii Make a Subtle Display

Look Down: Cacti Make a Subtle Display

And, don’t forget to look down while you walk. The desert succulents are taking advantage of the season to send out their subtle blooms.


P.S. Some of you photographers may be interested in the workflow that produced this posting. First, I use whatever camera is with me! In this case it was my iPhone 4S. Next, I upload the photos to the Adobe cloud using their iPhone App, Revel. Once home from my walk, I open my Macbook and download the photos from Revel and then, using Photoshop Elements, I crop, Auto Smart-Fix, Auto Sharpen, resize to 72 bpi and width of about 800 pixels. The final step is to logon to WordPress, upload the pictures and write something. Now, it is time to eat lunch. Cheers.