Wifi For The Weary


Mill Pond Overflow, Swanzey Factory Road

Today, after 6 days of low speed 3G computer connections, I got the urge to find a fast Wifi connection so that I could upgrade several apps on my iPhone and download some new music. Thinking of free Wifi, I searched with the Garmin and located a Starbucks just 8 miles away in Keene, so I headed that way.


Upper Wilson Pond

On the way to Starbucks I stopped at Miller Pond to enjoy the fall color in the woods. Because of recent rains the water was flowing over the spillway making a waterfall. The first mill on this pond was built in 1760: lumber, wood products, and flour were produced by the mills and nearby factories in Keene and Swanzey.


Later in the day, this small flock of wild turkeys stopped traffic when they decided to cross the road in front of the cars. Everyone stopped, and they crossed safely. That was the day’s excitement.

Monday, Day 7