The speakers blast out “Welcome to San Francisco”. Then we are given the now familiar warning about unattended bags and finally an invitation for servicemen and their families to visit the USO lounge on the mezzanine .

We are leaving San Francisco,but our flight to Boston is delayed four hours due to “airport conditions” in Boston.

The rumor is that American Airline pilots in Boston are on strike and are slowing down BOS operations, including our United flight SFO to BOS.

We took advantage of the delay to explore the art displayed at SFO courtesy of the SF Museums of Fine Art.

From the Asian Air Museum comes an exhibit of sculpture, murals and photos called Deities in stone: Hindu sculpture from early times.

“Truth is one; the sages call it by many names. Rigveda 1700-1100 bce


Vishnu slays the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. C. 1760


There is also a collection of Levis catalog covers: Levi Strauss Advertising as Art.

Some titles:

    Overalls Spring Bottom Pants c. 1899

    American way of pants 1967

    Panatela sportswear 1973

Travel is fun, but I wish our plane and pilot would get here.