Cherries and Huckleberries — Wow and Whoopee

A tourist seems pleased and ready to enjoy her huckleberry ice cream cone.

August is the start of the Montana huckleberry season and the best way to enjoy them is in Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream. Huckleberry and Bison were the staples of  the Indian diet before the White Man arrived in Western Montana. Bears like huckleberries; remember that when you go berry picking.

A Montana cherry vender explains the virtues of the Montana varieties to a pair of tourists.

The Bing cherry has disappeared from northwest Montana because of a severe frost several years ago. The Bing has been replaced by the Van and a new variety called Rainier has been introduced also. The Rainier is red and yellow and SWEET, but both varieties are great eating.

Typical Montana roadside restaurant — Saloon, Family Dining and Antiques?

The food was good at this roadside stop, but the servings were too plentiful to leave room for the huckleberry pie. Bummer. They also serve huckleberry vinaigrette salad dressing, which is very tasty.


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