Photo101: It’s a Wrap

Twenty blog posts in November. Each post on a different theme. This was a chance to re-activate my moribund blog with new material and learn some photography at the same time.

I was surprised and pleased that I was able to complete the challenge. I learned new photo techniques from the other bloggers taking the challenge, and I remembered some tricks, and “rules” that I knew once, but had forgotten over time.

The themes and posts were:

  1. Home: My Rocker, Mac, and Books
  2. Street: Alma, The Great Divide
  3. Water: Scout House, Maritime Palo Alto
  4. Bliss: Dancing on the Great Lawn, Treasure Is.
  5. Solitude: Alone, but not Lonely
  6. Connected: Mozart and the Hoover Institute
  7. Landmark: Courtroom Drama in Redwood City
  8. The Natural World: Lunch, Carp and Big Birds in Oakland
  9. Warmth: A Fall Day, Quilts and Rugs
  10. Mystery: Alma Street, Palo Alto Noir
  11. A Pop Of Color: Red, Of Course
  12. Architecture: At Stanford It’s Gotta Be Greek
  13. Moment: Stopped At Union and Columbus, Northbeach
  14. Swarm: Watching the Tour de France
  15. Landscape: View From My Dining Room
  16. Treasure: Windhover Contemplative Center, Stanford
  17. Glass: Selfies at the De Young Museum
  18. Edge: Blue Stones and Stainless Steel at Stanford
  19. Double:Two Lamps Lighting Mt. Washington, NH
  20. Triumph: Virtual Trophies for Bloggers

I must: Remember to think a moment about light and composition. And, before I click, pause to give the autofocus a chance to lock onto the subject and turn green. That shouldn’t be too hard.

–note to me.