Summer at a Ski Resort

It is summer on Big Mountain; it is hot and dry. The ski runs have turned brown, and the wide swathes of brown wiggle down the mountain meeting at the base station, which is a short walk from the Kandahar Lodge where I am spending the night.

The Kandahar Lodge is a ski chalet built on the slope of Big Mountain overlooking the city of Whitefish in the valley below.

The lodge is part of the Whitefish Ski Resort and has been the site of ski championships. Lately, however, the ski resort has been the focus of a financial controversy involving reverse stock splits that seem to favor a few influential developers.


Our room at the lodge is for sale, two queen sized beds and a small sitting area sells for about $120,000 with no monthly fees. Tempting, but I think I’ll pass. Great place to stay, however, and the dining room features Elk Roulade and Buffalo Tenderloin.